Our Fleet Vehicles

KMRJ Logistics & Marine Pte Ltd has been providing local distribution service to a large range of customers and we also understands the importance of providing the right vehicle according to our customer’s needs and goods assigned to us.

Currently we are using these three forms of vehicles for our local distribution:

Ambient Truck

Normal trucks with no refrigeration system attached, these trucks are used for all kinds of deliveries from toiletries, furniture, electrical appliances and so on. Sizes available are 10ft, 14ft with tailgate & 24ft with tailgate.

Ambient trucking is the smartest approach to delivering your dry goods in a timely and cost-efficient manner


Reefer Truck

Trucks that comes with a refrigeration system, these trucks are used for deliveries of frozen meats, confectionaries, ice creams and so on.


You want your perishable items, frozen foods, and produce transported in state-of-the-art refrigerated equipment by professional, experienced drivers. Companies that utilize cutting-edge industry technology provide highly reliable in-transit delivery performance, superior customer service, and on-time pickups to ensure your refrigerated products are delivered with the same care you took to produce them. The top three benefits of refrigerated trucking include:

1. Safely transport fresh products. There is always a demand for fresh products and the refrigerated trucks and trailers to safely transport them.
2. Haul dry or refrigerated goods. Refrigerated trailers and trucks efficiently haul both dry and refrigerated products.
3. Protects freight. Freight is protected from theft, spoilage, damage, and weather conditions when hauled in refrigerated trucks and trailers.

Sizes available are 10ft, 14ft and 24ft.

Cargo Van

Normal vans to carry small goods like cosmetics, beauty products, couriers and so on. Only manual vans are available.