KMRJ Logistics & Marine Pte Ltd was set up in 2015 as a local distribution service provider. As a pioneer local distribution service provider, we are trying our very best to provide the most professional local distribution service recognised and respected by the customers and employees.

Who we are


We are willing to go an extra mile to meet all of our customers’ needs and bring delight with our distribution service.


We judged ourselves on results and feedbacks of our customers to improve ourselves and provide the best distribution service.

Believe in our Employees

We knew that with the correct training and opportunities given to our employees will help them achieve their full potential.

Impossible can be possible

We value speed and flexibility within the company to deliver our promises to our customers.

Our Services Local Distribution and Marine Services
Furniture to homes and offices
Fashion apparel and accessories to retail outlets
Warehousing, Frozen and cold Storage items to retailer and supermarkets
Serviettes, diapers and toiletries to homes, offices, supermarkets, libraries and airport
Transportation, e-commerce and business
Airport cargo services - Import and Export